SdKfz 251/7 ausf. D

Accept no imitations


Attention WW2 armoured vehicle enthusiasts:

This is an authentic 1944 SdKfz 251/7 ausf. D

with original Maybach HL 42 TUKRM engine, not another converted OT-810.


Have you ever wanted to own a real SdKfz 251?


This beauty is one of a handful of 251/7 ausf. D "Pionierpanzerwagen" variants known to exist - others can be found in the Deutsche Tank Museum (Germany), Overlord Museum (France) and the Wheatcroft private collection (UK).


There were four main model modifications (A through D), which formed the basis for at least 22 variants. The rare "Pionierpanzerwagen" variant was known as an assault engineer vehicle, and included fittings to carry assault bridge ramps on the sides.


This vehicle is a complete rebuild from the frame up, with many years of blood, sweat and tears invested. The frame (VIN: 1112) and armor were sourced in Poland, and other parts in Germany and Luxembourg. Renovation began in 2009 and completed in 2016.

Check out the renovation photos:



















If you've ever wanted a real SdKfz 251 without spending years in restoration work - this is the vehicle for you. Imagine showing this baby off to your family, friends and other military vehicle enthusiasts.

The armor plates were designed to provide protection against standard rifle/ machine gun bullets (like the 7.92×57mm Mauser bullet). The front-facing plates are 14.5mm thick; the sides are steeply angled, V-shape 8mm thick plates. This level of armor provided protection against normal (non-tungsten) rifle AP rounds, which could pierce about 8mm of vertical armor.


A strong design feature of the SdKfz 251 is the large track area, with the characteristic “slack track” design with no return rollers for the upper run of track. It also has the Schachtellaufwerk system of overlapping and interleaved main road wheels common to virtually all German half-tracks of the period.


This fully-restored SdKfz 251 comes equipped with:

  • An original 4170 cc, 6 cylinder Maybach HL 42 TUKRM engine

  • A mounted MG 42 (deactivated)

  • A pair of sub-machine guns (deactivated)

  • Wooden ramps


Non-original parts include:

  • Driveshaft coupling

  • Left-rear door panel

  • Fenders

  • Cabin interior

  • Machine gun shield

  • Tires

  • Brake cables

  • Air ducts

  • Radiator

  • Wooden ramps

  • Rubber hoses and seals

If you've ever wanted an authentic, rare WW2 military vehicle, this SdKfz 251 delivers. You're unlikely to find a better example outside of a military museum.

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